The board game that gives back! 

This board game will launch on Kickstarter and build schools and libraries, supporting Schoolbox

Sell sheet for Pilots of Gallaxia
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Enemy of Gallaxia 

Original screenplay !

Dream cast for feature film sci-fi action adventure

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Game design and gamification of learning is a new and exciting field, especially as we explore the possibilities of augmented reality and VR. Infinite Mind leads the way in providing innovative practices to engage learners and players. Other services range from building sci-fi movie franchises to developing sustainable business mobile apps that connect consumers with producers globally.
Propaganda art in a Minecraft re-creation of WWI towns, trenches and farms.

The Great War in Translation: A Minecraft Propaganda Art Experience

Experience narratives and propaganda art in a farm, city, trenches and France in 1914. A collaboration between Infinite Mind Pictures, The Military Museums and Virtual Museums Canada.

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